Business Law

Business Law

Business Law Attorney in Memphis, TN

If you are considering starting a business or currently own a small business in the greater Memphis, TN area, you need a knowledgeable and confident Memphis business attorney who will provide a hands-on approach to get your start-up off the ground and running.

As your Memphis Business Law attorney, I will leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve your business dreams and take your venture to the next level.

The rewards of opening your own business and being your own boss are countless, but it can only come to fruition through a great deal of hard work and surrounding yourself with talented, knowledgeable people. We can help you handle the legal aspects so you can focus on everything else.

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Pehanick Law Can Help You With All of Your Business Law Needs

There are many legal needs and concerns when starting a business that you should consider, all of which our dedicated and experienced legal team can assist you with. Our firm has worked with start-up businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. Our goal is to handle all the paperwork to protect your business while you continue to build your business. Whether you currently own a small business or are starting a new venture, our experienced Memphis, TN business law attorneys can ensure you are protected in the following:

  • Business Formations - Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations
  • Operating Agreements, Incorporating Documents and Bylaws
  • Government regulations, compliance, permits, licensing, zonings and codes
  • Contracts and Agreement negotiations
  • Real Estate purchasing and leasing agreements

Starting a new business is an exciting and rewarding endeavor if you take all of the proper steps at the beginning. It can be difficult to navigate a start-up on your own, especially if you are not familiar with business law. Choosing an experienced Memphis business law attorney to represent you is in your best interest to ensure you protect yourself right from the start. At Pehanick Law, we have worked with many entrepreneurs to offer guidance and legal counsel for all of the necessary elements involved in starting a new business in Memphis,Tennessee.