Sports Law

Sports Law

Memphis, TN Sports Law Attorney

If you are a student-athlete, professional athlete, coach, or front office personnel seeking representation, you need a knowledgeable and confident Memphis sports law attorney who will fight to protect your rights and freedoms.

As your Memphis sports law attorney, I will leave no stone unturned in obtaining the best results possible in your case.

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Our legal team has extensive experience working within the sports industry. We understand the very unique needs of those in the sports business and provide clients with innovative strategies for complex sports-related legal issues. Our experience in handling and negotiating within a broad spectrum related to the sports field brings value to every client relationship. Our clients are able to concentrate on what they do best, knowing that their business and legal affairs are being conducted with the highest degree of competence. Our experience and expertise allows us to assist clients in a variety of areas crucial to success in their personal and professional lives. We represent a variety of clients including student-athletes, professional athletes, coaches, and front office personnel in the following practice areas:

  • Legal Consulting
  • Contract Negotiations
  • NCAA Compliance Investigations
  • Anti Doping Investigations

To effectively represent your sports-related legal issue, you need an experienced Memphis sports law attorney with knowledge in NCAA Bylaws, FIBA Regulations, and Players' Association Bylaws. Our legal team has the experience necessary to help you understand complex legal issues and a proven track record in representing the sports industry.

If you are career focused, you need a sports law lawyer who will handle your business and legal needs. Because sports may be your livelihood, you need an experienced sports law attorney who is in your corner fighting for you. Our firm has successfully represented clients in contract negotiations and disputes, anti-doping allegations, and NCAA Rules violations.


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